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Panel 1: Adam "T-Bird" Tuff
Panel 2: Michael "Stiv" Stephenson
Panel 3: Michael Corker
Panel 4: Jin Chan Yum Wai
Panel 5: Jon Gray with Pete Murphy
Panel 6: Pete Murphy
Panel 7: Dean Shanghanoo
Panel 8: Marcus Stockley
Panel 9: Matthew Bramble
Panel 10: Carl Flint
Panel 11: Dave Windett
Panel 12: Ferran Rodriguez
Panel 13: Pete Murphy
Panel 14: Marcus Stockley
Panel 15: Seumidh MacDonald
Panel 16: Zak Simmonds-Hurn
Panel 17: Pete Murphy
Panel 18: Seumidh MacDonald
Panel 19: Nigel Kitching
Panel 20: Dawn Best
Panel 21: Chris Gould
Panel 22: Lynne Triplett
Panel 23: Michael 'Stiv' Stephenson with Matt Dittmer
Panel 24: Richard Elson with Pete Murphy
Panel 25: Miles Arquio
Panel 26: Marcus Stockley with Matt Dittmer
Panel 27: Chris Gould
Panel 28: Marcus Stockley
Panel 29: Thalia Evans
Panel 30: Michael Corker
Panel 31: Roberto Corona
Panel 32: Adamis with Pete Murphy
Panel 33: Marcus Stockley
Panel 34: Phil Chapman
Panel 35: Nigel Dobbyn
Panel 36: Alex Willmore
Panel 37: Tracy Yardley! with Matt Dittmer
Panel 38: Matthew Bramble
Panel 39: Adamis
Panel 40: Kieran Gates
Panel 41: India Swift
Panel 42: Michael Corker
Panel 43: Nigel Dobbyn
Panel 44: Adamis with Matt Dittmer
Panel 45: Sonicmark

Words by: Charles Ellis
Lettering by: Michael Corker

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