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Hey Boomers!

It might be April Fools’ Day, but – in a break from our annual tradition of hoax issues, reprint specials and the like – we’ve got a real, complete Special here, packed to the brim with Easter treats!

In our lead feature, we finally introduce Sonic’s latest sidekick – Cream the Rabbit! Is she a basket of joy, or just a hot cross bunny? There’s only one way to find out, Boomers!

That’s the Easter Bunny out of the way – so why don’t we have some Easter eggs? They won’t be here for long while Robotnik’s around! See what he’s been up to lately in our bite-sized Sunday Funnies!

After Nigel Kitching’s stint as a guest artist in issue 257’s Decap Attack story (did you miss it? Go find it in the back issues!) you can take a look at every stage of his artwork from the script to the finished strip in our special Decap feature. While in the Engine Zone, artist Jin Chan Yum Wai has gone one better, with a full length video showing him draw a page of issue 256 from start to finish – perfect for the season of change and growth!

Finally, there’s an exciting review of an upcoming Sonic game that you probably haven't heard about – and don’t forget to check out our fantastic new wallpapers!

After all that effort, you’d think the Humes-Who-Think-They’re-In-Charge might have served up a delicious Sunday roast for me to tuck into. Well, sure enough, they’ve served one up for themselves – but I have to make do with a half-empty can of oil! The life of a droid, eh, Boomers?


The latest updates from across Mobius.


Esther Bunny, the billionaire confectionary mogul and philanthropist, has been rescued from the conquered Dolphin Resort Zone. Birds from the 101st Airboard Division were able to evade Badnik patrols and bring Bunny back to Metal City, preventing Robotnik from carrying out his threat to "spoil Easter for all the little kiddies".


Yesterday afternoon, in the Green Hill Zone, a group of children were forced by authorities to clean up the iconic Green Hill loops following their annual egg-rolling Easter event. The eggs are reported to have rolled down the hill with no issue, but did not gain sufficient momentum to make it all the way around the loop. They smashed on the monument and made a grand old mess of things. An investigation into the incident has begun following enraged parents writing to the Zone Leader. Authorities are now looking into "abuse of power", "heavy-handed law-keeping", and "whose idea was it to build a loop in the middle of the path anyway?"

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